Friday, October 17, 2008

Homecoming Game

Tonight was Homecoming at Seguin High School. My students and I discussed how many Homecomings I have been a part of.....let's see....I went to high school there for 4 years & never missed a game. After graduating, I frequently came home from college to watch Uncle Jeff play. Then, 4 years later....I am a teacher & go to most every game. This is my 12th school year!! Man, that is A LOT of Matador football!! Cheney & Chandler both rarely miss a game. I used to joke that Cheney should have good rhythm. I was pregnant with him & the drill team sponsor. He kept the beat every Friday night for the entire football season while in my tummy!!

Chandler has discovered the cheerleaders!! Tonight, they gave her some pom poms....SHE.IS.IN.HEAVEN!!

Once again, her hero, Ansley, took her on the track. She LOVES Ansley!!

Cheney fell asleep before we went home....the game was THAT EXCITING!!

We lost again....oh well, Matador fight never dies....we will be back next week!!


Tammy said...

It is so cute to see your kids so excited about football games!

MeMe said...

You forgot to count all of the years before HS that you attended Matador games. I know you attended all of the home games and most of the out of town games from 5th grade on. That would make another (???) years. And so the cycle continues.