Friday, March 21, 2008

Let The Swimming Begin...

This evening, we had an "Uncover The Pool Party." Thankfully the weather was beautiful!!

While the guys got the cover ready to remove, the kids helped MeMe feed Rocket & Toby. As soon as they heard the "ZIP" of the cover being pulled off & onto the grass, all 4 of them made a mad dash to the pool. I wish that I had known that was going to be their reaction because I would have filmed it.

Poor MeMe was left to feed the Alpacas by herself.

We told them NO SWIMMING!! The water was too cold!

The girls were getting pretty close to being in the water.

YEAH RIGHT!! Stay out of the water--it was just too inviting!!!

Cute Guys!!

Deano & Cheney decided to try their hand at pressure washing the pool cover. Thanks to the muddy rain it was very dirty this year.

They had more fun shooting each other & then they decided it made an excellent slip-n-slide!!

Cheney & Chandler got a new trampoline-FINALLY!! The other one was destroyed by the high winds last May. Thanks MeMe & Pop, more fun just in time for summer!!!


MeMe said...

A great time had by all! Now we just need some hot days to warm the water. Even Little Lucy (the dog) swam for the first time. She jumped right in after a few test tries. Can't wait for summer when SCHOOL'S OUT!!!
Love, MeMe