Monday, March 3, 2008

More Fun At MeMe's House

Billy and I had to go work at the church this past Saturday morning, so Cheney & Chandler went to spend the morning with MeMe. Luckily, MeMe was willing to take Lucy too! I think they had a great time!! When I drove up, Chandler was only wearing her flip flops and Cheney was in a pair of boxers. They spent the ENTIRE 3 hours outside...

Hanging out on the trampoline-yes, it is on the ground Pop hasn't ever bought a new one after it was destroyed by high winds last May. The kids still enjoy it though!

Chandler practicing her head stand!

After all that playing, Lucy was exhausted! But I don't think she got much sleep with these two "cuddling" with her.

Chandler loves Lucy-as long is she isn't trying to "bite" her hands or grab onto her shirt hem.

Bubba trying to sleep with her...

As you can see, the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL on Saturday. Unfortunately, it is cold again today. We are all ready for Spring-cold, windy, rainy weather--GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY!!!!!


MeMe said...

I enjoyed playing outside, too.
Love, MeMe

Tammy said...

These pictures are sooo sweet.

Gram said...

That was a great way to take advantage of the beautiful weather.