Saturday, March 29, 2008

Party @ ZDT

This afternoon, Cheney had his 6th Birthday Party at ZDT. We had tons of fun!! Unfortunately, Chandler wasn't feeling so good so she went home early with MeMe & Pop. Thanks MeMe & Pop for helping us out!! We love you!!

Once again, MeMe outdid herself with an AWESOME cake. Cheney's invitations had a hunting theme so MeMe made a "hunting" cake. It looked & tasted GREAT!!

Cheney & Micayla have been friends since birth. It is amazing to see how much they have grown. I am so glad that they are friends!!

Micayla climbing the rock wall.

Cheney & Deano--they are best buddies. Cheney is soooo excited that Deano will be going on vacation with us this summer. I am thinking that the plane ride is going to be a loud one: 6 kids sitting together!!

Cheney & Micayla trying to get to the top to ring the bell.

Micayla on the bungee trampoline. Doesn't she have a beautiful smile?

It looks like everyone is having a great time--lots of smiles!

Happy Birthday Buddy!!

I hope your wish was a good one!!

This group looks like it could be trouble-watch out!!

Terryn & Micayla on the rock wall. Terryn finally decided to go because Mrs. Lisa said if Terryn would go, she would try after her!!

Who can get to the top first?

Mrs. Lisa's turn!! Can she make it to the top??

Getting closer...

Almost there...

That was exhausting!! I wish that I could say I made it to the top, but I didn't. I almost rang the bell, but I just couldn't. They said I could try again...but my legs were TIRED!!

Cheney showing his Mama how it is done!!

My turn to try the bungee trampoline. I need to tell you that the boy who was working this was a student of mine. I told him to be nice to me!!

I think he enjoyed sending me flying in the air!!

Where did I go?? Can you see my feet?? I was 16-18 ft. in the air when I was at the top. It was fun, but it took my breath away.

Me & My Love Bug!! This is what I called him when he was little, but now I call him "My Buddy!"

Cheney, Mommy loves you so much!! I know that I had a great time at your birthday party & I am sure that you did too!! Thanks for being such a wonderful kid. You make me so proud. I know that I am going to have fun watching you grow up, but I know that it will make me sad too.



MeMe said...

Happy Birthday, Big Guy. MeMe and Pop sure do love you. Thanks for including us on your party list.
Love, MeMe

Thatcher's Mommy said...

Sorry we had to miss your party Cheney, but it looks like you had TONS of fun. Way to go making Mommy get in on the action!

Grandma said...

I had fun at your birthday party. I think all the kids had lots of fun and we had fun watching them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHENEY. I love you.

Jerwin said...

Belated wishes . Hope u had fun dear