Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Love Bug!

I really can't believe that 6 years ago tonight, I was lying on the couch thinking that I was really tired and didn't feel very good. What I didn't know was that in less than 12 hours, Cheney Scott would be born--except we didn't know if HE was Cheney Scott or if SHE was Cheney Lynn. When I was growing up, I always thought it was so goofy that my mom would say things like "7 years ago tonight, we were eating Mexican food hoping that would force you to make your appearance" or "12 years ago this morning, we were driving to the hospital in the snow." Today and tonight, I found myself thinking along the same lines. I remember like yesterday the day before Cheney was born. I had gone to church for Sunday morning worship & just never could get comfortable. I laid on the couch all afternoon & skipped Sunday night services because I just didn't feel good. Cheney made his appearance by 9 am the next morning. I remember most everything VERY CLEARLY because I had no drugs!! I wasn't a very pleasant person-SORRY to all of you!! That pain gave me the most beautiful, sweet, and intelligent little boy--although he isn't so little anymore!! Everyday, he teaches me so many new things. I love listening to his stories & details of his day. Clearly, our family has been blessed by him.

I hope you enjoy watching him grow!!!

Mommy loves you "THIIIIIISSS MUCH"
(with my arms stretched as wide as I can!!)


Tammy said...

Happy Birthday, Cheney-Bug!
Love, Mrs. Tammy (or "Stammy" as you used to say)

Gram said...

It is sure hard to believe these 6 years have passed by soooo fast! I love you.