Thursday, March 20, 2008

Photo Shoot

About a week ago, MeMe & I took the kids to JCPenney to take their yearly birthday pictures. Now I need to tell you the story--this is the 3rd time we have had pictures scheduled. The 1st time, Chandler REFUSED to take any pictures. The 2nd time, I left the bag with part of their clothes at home...seriously, we didn't have one complete outfit. So, that brings us to the 3rd time. Needless to say, Cheney was extremely cooperative and Chandler was about as cooperative as she will ever be!! We got tons of cute pics of Cheney & a few of Chandler. JCPenney recently revamped their photo studio & I was very impressed with the creativity of the pictures.
Here are a few of them...


MeMe said...

Cute Cute!! We will always laugh at Cheney being the camera-hog and Chandler the camera-shy flower. I somehow think this will change shortly. The girl has her mind made up about what clothes she likes and the hairstyle of the day. I am sure she will also realize how picture perfect she is. Cheney--well he is just go darn handsome.
Love, MeMe