Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cheney's Fort

I got home late tonight because I had a hair appointment this afternoon. I walked into the house after 7 pm & it was completely quiet. I walked around & there seemed to be NO ONE home. I went upstairs & found that Cheney had built his own fort-with his Dad & Chandler's help of course. All 3 of them plus Lucy were in the fort reading books. I remember building forts over our beds when we were growing up--it was so much fun! I remember staying at Erin's house for several days & there were sheets all over her room. I was proud to see that Cheney thought it was fun too! I am also proud that Daddy is such a GREAT DAD!! He dropped everything tonight to play with his kids. THANKS DADDY!! Of course, Cheney is asleep in his fort right now. I feel confident that the forts will get more & more creative as Cheney gets older.


MeMe said...

I think it is SO cool that Dad wanted to spend time with you two. How lucky you are. Dad, you're pretty lucky too.
Love, MeMe

Gram said...

Cool Dude. It looks like sooooo much fun!