Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chandler's Picnic

Yesterday, Chandler's school invited the parents (or other family member) for a picnic and some kite flying. Monday through Thursday we had great winds for flying kites, but on Friday?? The air was completely still. I went to eat with Chandler and attempted to get her kite in the air. I did and it would stay up AS LONG AS I DIDN'T STOP RUNNING!! After several attempts and a few tears, we decided to just play on the swings. Which of course, she loved.

Eating her lunch



MeMe said...

That's OK, I was never good at kite flying either. sSwinging and eating is more my speed, too.
Love, MeMe

Gram said...

I am glad you have fun swining. Will you teach Thatcher to enjoy swinging?