Tuesday, March 18, 2008

McKenna Children's Museum

Today, we visited a really cool museum. It is the McKenna Children's Museum in New Braunfels. I had heard about it for a while & everyone told me that it is really cool. Since Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry are here, we decided to head over there this morning.

The 1st area we visited was the Space Exploration--this was Cheney's favorite area. Cheney had 2 minutes to get the planets in order. He made it!!

Aunt Kerry & Chandler tried their hand at getting the planets in order.

Cheney loved walking around in "moon shoes"

Astronaut Chandler & Astronaut Cheney are suited up & ready to go to outer space!

Inside the spaceship

Ready for takeoff!

Astronaut Chandler

After the space area, we moved over to the emergency room. Cheney was looking at slides in the microscope.

Chandler tending her baby in the nursery!

In the Plains area, Chandler came face to face with a Longhorn!!

She made it to the top of the plateau! YAY!!

Chandler enjoyed the water area!

Look how tall this giraffe is!!

3 gorillas join their Mommy!!!

There was a REAL VW bug to paint!!!

Chandler LOVES to paint!!

Washing up after the painting

We went back inside & Cheney visited the bat cave.

Kerry, MeMe, & Chandler went grocery shopping

Cheney learned about building a house-the plumbing was very interesting

Playing in the kitchen with Aunt Kerry & Uncle Jeff

This was a really cool museum!!



MeMe said...

Thanks for inviting me along. I had such a great time today. Just sorry that Pop had to work.
Love, MeMe