Friday, March 14, 2008

Chandler's Easter Party

Chandler had an Easter party at school today. Luckily, it was scheduled to start a few minutes before my conference period started so I got the teacher across the hall to watch my class and ran over to her school. I got there just in time!! The Easter Egg Hunt was already in progress.

Chandler was searching for eggs, but she was giving most of them to her friend, Luke (in the background). Luke's mommy, Diana, teaches across the hall from me.

Chandler with her friend, Nyla. If you remember from previous posts, Nyla's daddy is the head girls basketball coach at the high school. Nyla is getting a new baby sister this summer and she is very proud!!

After the hunt, Chandler was glad to get in the A/C. It was HOT today!!!

Antonio and Nyla--Antonio's mom works for the school district. His older brother went to daycare and preschool with Cheney.

Sitting politely and waiting for her food. Her teachers tell me she is very polite and patient at school! I wonder what happens when she gets home??

Logan and Keegan--Logan's mom teaches at one of the elementary schools. Keegan's mom is Cheney's PE teacher and his dad is a football coach/PE teacher at the high school. Chandler adores both Logan and Keegan. When Chandler moved up to the new room before these guys the teachers quickly realized that they must move them up too. They were both in tears everyday until they were all back together! It is fun to have such good friends!!

Fantasie--yes, her name is Fantasie. Fantasie's daddy is a high school student. He is raising her and her little brother without the mother's help. I have to admire him for stepping in and taking over when their mother walked away. A lot of young men are the ones walking away!!

Looking pretty and eating her lunch.

I had a great time visiting Chandler's classroom. I was so proud of her. She loves school so much. When it was time for me to leave, she kissed me goodbye and didn't shed a tear. I know that she is in the right place when that happens!!

We are so lucky to have a great place for Chandler to go to school!!


MeMe said...

From the looks of your Easter basket, Chandler, you figured out how to hunt for eggs. Let's see how you do on Easter Sunday.
Love, MeMe

Thatcher's Mommy said...

Hey Chandler- you got a head start! Maybe you can show ME how to hunt Easter Eggs this year... did you know I go to school with lots of kids whose Mommies and Daddies are teenagers, too? My daycare is down the street from Haltom High and a lot of their students have babies my age.

I'll see you next weekend!!! ~Thatch

Gram said...

What fun it is to hunt Easter Eggs! Now that you have alreay hunted, you don't need to hunt Easter Sunday, right???? I am glad your Mommy got to go be a part of your hunt.