Sunday, July 1, 2007

C&C Hang Out with Thatcher & Ashtyn!!

Grandma finally got her little angel's together!! Thatcher Porter (Angela & Mike) is 4 months old. Ashtyn Pellerin (Laura & Bobby) is 3 months old. Chandler Stephenson is 16 months old and Cheney Stephenson is 5 years old. Cheney and Chandler had a great time hanging out with their cousins, but Chandler had a hard time understanding that she had to share her MeMe!! If MeMe was holding a baby, Chandler wanted in her lap too!!

Cheney has already decided that he and Thatcher are going to have to stick together if they are going to rule in this family!! The girls pretty much RULE around here!!

They look so precious in this picture!!

Chandler enjoyed sharing her float with Thatcher & Ashtyn!!
Chandler has already taken after her Mommy and MeMe!! She loves laying in her float working on her tan. The only problem is that we can only get her to wear the bottom of her bathing suit-which is good because she would rather be NAKED!!

Check back soon for more swimming pictures-I have a ton!!


Tammy said...

What a sweet family!!!

Gram said...

I am enjoying watching Grandma's great grandkids spending time with each other. I only hope they can be as close as their mommies are.