Friday, June 29, 2007


Cheney decided that he would try to get up on the waterskis!! He and his Daddy got into the water to discuss all the things he needed to remember to get up. It rained most of the day on Thursday, but the sun FINALLY came out and there weren't many people on the river. The perfect time to try!!

This is his first try! I think it looks so cool to see him coming out of the water. He gets really nervous when he tries, but is excited each time he makes more progress.

This is the farthest out of the water he made it! Compared to last year, this is awesome!! All he had to do was stand up. He is so much more confident and I think with a little more practice he will be skiing up and down the river!!

This was Kylie's first time to try and ski. She was AWESOME!! She got up after 3 tries. Unfortunately, she is leaving to spend some time with her dad this summer so it will be awhile before she gets on the river again. We will miss you, Kylie.

Miss Chandler's favorite place to be when we are at the river: IN THE BOAT!!! She loves riding with the wind in her hair!! We have to hold onto her because she wants to be in the water with the other kiddos.


Tammy said...

Go Cheney! I love the one of him just coming up out of the water!