Monday, July 16, 2007

Visit to the Witte Museum

Today, MeMe & Pop took the kids to the Witte Museum in San Antonio. Over the past year, Cheney has become VERY interested in dinosaurs and the Witte has a great exhibit right now. The kids had a great time! They LOVE spending time with MeMe & Pop.
Cheney & Pop waiting for breakfast to arrive.

Chandler & MeMe waiting for their pancakes.

The museum has an exhibit where you can collect "parts" and build your own dinosaur. This is the dinosaur that Cheney & Chandler built.

This dinosaur could eat me!!

Digging for dinosaur bones

When I was little there was a cool circus museum in San Antonio. It closed a few years ago and this is one of the exhibits from it.

Sitting in front of the fountain

On the way home, Cheney was WIDE awake

But, Chandler wasn't. Looking at all those dinosaurs wore her out!!


Tammy said...

Looks like a fun-filled day!