Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New York City 2007 - Day 1

Well, we left our house at 4:20 am this morning. We got to Dallas on time, but were delayed in Dallas for a while due to bad weather in NYC. We sat IN THE AIRPLANE for about 2 hours waiting to take off. We finally took off and arrived in New York around 3:30 local time. Here are a few pics of our day. Cheney chose to eat pizza tonight and he decided while he was eating that it was the BEST he had ever had!! We are heading to Coney Island tomorrow. We have not been affected by the (non-terrorist) pipe explosion near Grand Central Station. Hopefully, we won't be!! We are tired but very excited about spending several days in NYC.

Sitting in the DFW airport. Yes, it was only 7 am!! It seemed like an entire day had passed already.

We finally made it to NYC. We are riding in the taxi to the hotel. It was hot because the car had no AC and it was rush hour-SLOW DRIVING!!

Cheney and Billy waiting for a table for dinner @ John's Pizza

Radio City Music Hall

Eating the BEST pizza ever!!

Shrek at Toys R Us - Times Square

Radio City Musical Hall - again

We feel so much better because we finally ate something!! Breakfast was a LOOOOOONG time ago!!

Walking back to our hotel to get some rest!!


Tammy said...

I was hoping you'd post during your trip! Have fun and eat some pizza for me!

Me!! said...

Looks great bring a slice home for me!!!