Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chandler is a SILLY girl!!!

Okay, Chandler has the funniest personality. She makes me laugh every day. I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of her. I have a ton (if you couldnt tell), these are just a few recent ones.

We were outside pulling weeds, cleaning up the yard, playing with Shelby and there were TONS of mosquitos!! So, we put these bracelets on Chandler. They are supposed to keep the bugs away, but they don't work. She thought she was cute!!
Chandler really enjoys putting on other people's shoes-especially her daddy's and bubba's.
This is probably my FAVORITE so far!! She looks so innocent-if you only knew!!
This picture was taken before her 1st swimming lesson. I put her cover-up on and she loved it!! She is so girly-I have already figured out she loves to get new shoes!! YEA!!! Watch out, Daddy!!


Tammy said...

Very cute! I love the one of her in her cover up!

E said...

Hey, I LOVE the profile pic of Chandler with the light beaming down on her face. It's a beautiful shot! =0)