Friday, July 13, 2007

Cheney LOVES the Matadors!!!

In Seguin, returning to school in the fall means one EXCITING thing!! Matador Football returns!! Cheney absolutely loves going to the games and cheering on the Matadors. We have been so lucky because a few of the players have really made Cheney feel special. At the pep rallies, they invite him to sit with the team and after the game is over, they take time to visit with him and take pictures with him. Here are a few of the pictures that I have taken of Cheney and his favorite players!! These guys are going to college this Fall and I don't know who Cheney is going to yell for. He was very good at spotting their numbers when they were on the field!! By the way, Cheney is already making plans to be a Matador when he grows up. He has already asked me if everyone will come and watch him play so you all are invited!! Hope to see you there!!

Jeromy is Cheney's favorite Matador!!

Logan is playing football in college!

Cheney got to cheer with the cheerleaders and Logan decided that he was going to also.

Cheney was invited to Jeromy's graduation party. We are going to miss you, Jeromy!!