Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chandler goes to swimming lessons!!

Between all the rain, Chandler has been trying to get some swimming lessons. Most of you already know that Chandler is a great swimmer. She is jumping off the side of the pool and swims underwater by herself. But, we thought that she could benefit from a little instruction from a professional. We found out that Chandler swims better than anybody in her class and she is the youngest one there. I am so thankful that she is not kicking and screaming like some of the other children when it is time to go under the water. Our biggest problem is getting her to do what the teacher wants her to do. She is VERY opinionated and wants to do things her way! I wonder where she gets that from-must be her Daddy!!!!

Swimming towards the mat of toys

She has to pick out the toy she wants-this is a big deal because she has to make a decision. For some reason she has a hard time with this-I wonder where she gets that characteristic also?? I never have a hard time making a decision!!!!

We picked out a rubber ducky-we go back on our back kicking our legs

Getting ready to jump off the underwater chair

She loves coming out of the water

Peek A Boo! I see you!!


Ashtyn said...

You're such a big girl! I like to swim, too, but I don't like to go under water at all! Keep it up and maybe you can learn to ski next year! :)

Gram said...

Great job, Chandler! You swim like a pro. I always have fun swimming with you. When you get back from vacation, we'll have to swim together.

Thatcher's Mommy said...

Hey little fishy! You are a great swimmer, Chandler. Thatcher can't wait to come swim with you again before summer is over.