Sunday, September 23, 2007


I am always hearing how Cheney looks so much like his Daddy! I think he acts like him too!! One of Billy's high school buddies was Trevor. Trevor has 3 sons and one of them is in the 1st grade at Jefferson (Cheney's school). Cheney thinks that Hayden is the coolest guy on campus. He loves it when he sees Hayden in the hallway and they can HIGH 5 each other. We didn't have a football game this week and decided that we would go cheer our volleyball team on. They have been having a winning season for the 1st time in many years. Hayden and his family were at the game and Cheney was so excited. He and Hayden played around the entire game. I took these pictures and I thought that it was Billy and Trevor's Mini-Me. These two boys look sooooo much like their fathers!! Hopefully, they will continue to be good buddies for their entire school career-just like their fathers were!


MeMe said...

SHS--Lookout. What kind of mischief do you suppose these two can in to?

Gram said...

What a cute couple of guys. Wonder what is going on inside those heads?