Sunday, September 9, 2007


Many of you know that Billy became the proud owner of a 1960 Corvette Convertible this summer. You also know that we closed in our garage and made the "hang-out" room before Chandler was born. So, we have to build a garage to keep the Corvette in at home. Billy decided we would add on to our existing shed so last week they poured the concrete for the new part. This week they started demolishing the existing shed. By "they" I mean, Billy, Cheney, and a friend that Billy hired to help. Clarence thought that Cheney was a very HARD WORKER-I can't figure out why he doesn't work so hard when it is time to clean his room. Cheney thought it was great fun to knock things down! Unfortunately (or fortunately-depends on how you see it) the shed was pretty unstable when they started taking it apart and it pretty much fell down this afternoon. Cheney thought it was awesome! I am sure that we will send more pics of the progress.

This is the HUGE mountain of dirt that was created when the guys leveled the land for the new slab. Cheney was determined to move it one shovel load at a time!

This is the new slab.

Billy decided that it was easier to move the dirt with machinery and NOT shovels!

Partially dismantled

The shell of the old building

Cheney was VERY proud of the pile that he made with a rubber mallet that he took a picture of it!

The shed was starting to lean

It fell!

Cheney surveying the damage-AWESOME!!


Tammy said...

Wow you did make a lot of progress this weekend!

MeMe said...

Can't believe you didn't mention Cheney's head wound. Glad no one was hurt in the demolition.