Thursday, September 6, 2007

We LOVE Aunt Kerry!!

Well, Pop went to help Aunt Kerry & Uncle Jeff with their new house in Northampton, Massachusetts. While he was there, they visited the campus where Aunt Kerry will be working on her PhD. Pop brought back UMASS t-shirts and balls for Cheney & Chandler. He came over tonight to give them their goodies. They were so proud!! Aunt Kerry, Chandler went to bed with her shirt on-she REFUSED to take it off!! She is sleeping in it as I am typing this right now. We love you & miss you-Come see us soon!!!
GO MINUTEMEN (& Women)!!


MeMe said...

What cute kids! Thinking of Chandler refusing to remove the shirt for bed should make Kerry proud. I know Cheney and Chandler were both excited to get their miniature sports balls.
Love, Pop

Tammy said...

Awww aren't they cute!!! Cheney - Are You Ready for Some Football???

Kerry Weir said...

Thanks for sharing the adorable snapshot of the cutest kids showing their UMASS pride! After the week I've had, you can't imagine the smile that it brought to my face. Thanks, too, for letting us borrow Pop for the long weekend--glad that he brought back some goodies for C&C.