Sunday, September 2, 2007

Last OFFICIAL Weekend of Summer

It is the 1st weekend of September and it is Labor Day weekend. We didn't have church on Sunday night so we decided to have our Labor Day celebration on Sunday afternoon. The added bonus was that Thatcher & Ashtyn got to celebrate with us! They went home this evening. We had a great time with our friends, but unfortunately it rained later in the day. But you know the kids-they STILL swam in the rain!! Everyone had fun!! Most likely, this won't be our last day spent in the pool-WE LIVE IN TEXAS!

Group photo of the "bigger" kids-Ellyse, Bethany, Cheney, Deano, Maggie, & Katie

Chandler & her daddy!!

The girls-Chandler & Ashtyn hanging out in the float

Thatcher concentrating REALLY hard to stay on that float

GO Thatcher GO


MeMe said...

Family(minus Pop, Jeff, Kerry, Grandma and Kelly)and friends--what a way to end the summer. The pool is great come rain or shine. Thanks for hanging out, guys.

Gram said...

We always have fun when we get to swim at MeMe and Pop's! What a crew----