Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fun With Cheney!

Well, this is "B" week in Kindergarten. So, Cheney was supposed to wear his shirt backwards. He looked pretty silly when he got dressed and I just had to take a picture. Also, he has been working on tying his shoe. He says that it is bad when they come untied at school because then he has to tuck them in his shoes until Mrs. Helms can take time to tie them for him. We told him to LEARN TO TIE YOURSELF and then you won't have to wait. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures below, but Chandler is always involved in the lesson and thinks she can tie them herself! It is pretty funny!!

Looking silly with his backwards shirt!

Getting instructions from Dad

Working on the left one himself. He knows all the motions but has to perfect his form. He will be tying them by himself soon!!

Go Cheney Go!


Tammy said...

Cheney, it seems only yesterday we were teaching Heather to tie her shoes and she was complaining she wanted velcro like the other kids! You'll have it down in no time and then can help teach your sister in a few years!

Gram said...

Keep working at it. You are so smart, you will have it down in no time.

MeMe said...

Let's just hope that you will have a nicer looking bow than your Mom manages to have. Pop has always had to "fix" her bows so that they would be horizontal, not vertical. Maybe that is the "curse of a lefty".