Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yes, Uncle Jeff! Chandler did go to the FAIR!

Wow, we were busy today! Cheney had a soccer game this morning. It was a tough one-they only had 4 players show up. They played hard and had a good time, but they lost. After that, we went to the Fair. The church had a booth and was sponsoring a concert. Our family signed up to walk around and invite people to the concert. After that, Chandler got to experience the fair. Then, Cheney and Daddy headed over the Deano's flag football game. Chandler and Mommy went home to take a nap!!
Enjoy the pictures! Chandler sure had fun at her 1st Guadalupe County Fair!

Waiting patiently while Mommy, Daddy, and Mrs. Darla look at Uncle Mitch and Mrs. Tammy's winning pictures. Good job, guys!

Deano & Cheney looking at the Alpacas

Chandler & MeMe petting the Alpacas

ALMOST nose to nose with this calf

Mrs. Darla & Chandler feeding the goats. Chandler wasn't too excited about feeling their tongue on her hand!

Chandler & Terryn looking at the pot-bellied pigs

Chandler brushing the cow

1st ride on a carousel

Mommy, Chandler, Cheney, & Terryn on the ferris wheel

That is us in the yellow one. Can you see Chandler's head? She was making Mommy NERVOUS!!

Looking over the edge

Riding the motorcycles

Looking cute. Thanks, Mrs. Tammy, for making us the shirts!


Tammy said...

You're welcome! I was glad to do it so you'd match everyone else. Glad you all had fun at the fair and that you got Mama on some rides! Way to go!

Gram said...

Tammy did a good job on your shirts. Thanks for hanging out at the fair.