Monday, October 15, 2007

Cheney (& Daddy) Go On A Field Trip

Today, the Kindergarten went on a field trip. They went to the Outdoor Learning Center and The Pumpkin Patch. Daddy got to go along as a chaperone. Cheney was VERY excited to have his Dad hang out with him all day! Daddy was pretty tired-keeping up with Kindergarteners is exhausting.

Their 1st stop was a visit to the Natural History Center.

Cheney is in the brown striped shirt. Here they are feeling inside the box & then guess what they are touching.
Dru Dozier, the docent, is giving some of the history of the tools used in Texas history.

Class Picture-hopefully you can tell which one is Cheney!!??


Walking along the hiking trail with his student teacher, Ms. Ellick. Mrs. Helms wasn't able to join them because she is out of town. She had a death in her family.

Fishing with cane poles in the stock tank

Getting ready to complete a craft project

The boys, hanging out under the tree

Cheney's class on the hayride

Eating lunch under the pavilion

Class picture at the Pumpkin Patch-Cheney is on top of the haystack

Listening to the storyteller

Which one is cuter? The pumpkins or Cheney?

Listening intently

Cheney & the scarecrow

Check back later this week! Chandler's class is going to the Pumpkin Patch tomorrow! It is a busy week in the Stephenson household!!


Tammy said...

Cheney, I used to fish with cane poles all the time when I was little!!! (well, mostly I just liked casting the line into Grandpa's pond and pulling it out again to recast.) I hope you had a GREAT time on your field trip!
Mrs. Tammy

Grandpa said...

Hey, I like that last (bottom) picture of you with the scarecrow. Where did you get that shirt with the cross on it that you're wearing?

Gram said...

That looks like it was a neat trip. Cheney, who had more fun---you or Daddy?