Saturday, October 20, 2007

Notice Anything??

Since we could not get both kids to cooperate at the same time, we decided to take a few pictures of them separately. They turned out so cute!!

After all this cooperation, I got ambitious. Wouldn't it be cute if I could get the kids picture on the Corvette?

This is the BEST picture we got!! Yipee!! Isn't it cute???

Well...maybe next time...


Tammy said...

Those are cute! Love the corvette picture! Cheney looks way too cool in it!

MeMe said...

So typical of Chandler--strong-willed little girl. "Cute as a button" my grandma used to say. She is well aware of what she is doing. She knows you want her to pose and she knows she will when she is ready and when you least expect it--the mystery of Chandler. Cheney, on the other hand, has alwsys been willing to pose. He aims to please. I am quite sure that Chandler will be ready and willing to pose some day. She is aware of everything around her--and afraid of a black plastic spider--and other creepy crawlers--so much a girl.
I love them both.

Gram said...

Mom, don't get so ambitious. You said you were taking some individual pictures. That means each one individually. Chandler was letting you know she was not alone on the car and didn't want her picture taken with her brother!

grandpa said...

Nice scratches ya'll put in the hood of the corvette. Can't believe Jim lets his grandkids crawl all over his vintage car. Bet he didn't know!

Ashtyn said...

You two are so cute! I think some of them are probably better than if they would have "posed" together. Chandler's expressions are priceless.