Saturday, October 6, 2007

More Soccer Games!

This morning was Game 4 of our soccer season. There are only 4 teams in our league so we started over in rotation of our opponents. The past several weeks have been rough for the Monkeys. One of our players went on a family vacation to Disney World and missed several practices and games. Then, other boy decided he didn't really want to play anymore so he quit. This week, we had 6 players there. We divide the teams up and play on two small fields. The other team had subs, but we played 3 on 3 the ENTIRE hour! Boy, Cheney was tired. He had a great time and scored a couple of goals. We need to work on attacking the ball and not waiting for the ball to come to us. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!

The ball will get here sooner or later!
Annabelle, Brayden, & Cheney trying to take the ball away.

Annabelle is passing the ball to Cheney
Brayden & Cheney heading towards the goal!

Ok Mom, can we go SHOPPING??!!


Tammy said...

The 1st picture looks like Cheney is concentrating so hard on that ball! I love it! And the girls ready for shopping is just TOO CUTE!!!

Kerry Weir said...

Cheney-You look like a pro! Keep practicing...when Uncle Jeff comes to visit I bet you'll be faster than him!

Gram said...

Yes, Cheney, practice, practice, practice. You are a great ball player.

Chandler and Terryn have interest elsewhere.