Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Matador Of The Month!!

Well, can you guess what letter Cheney is learning about this week?
Yep, it is "I" week. Here is a picture of Cheney with his clothes on inside out. He thought it was hilarious to wear his shorts like this. I am glad that he is such a good sport and enjoys participating in the activities that his class has. The clue book was pretty difficult this week. We don't have many "I" things around our house. But his daddy read the dictionary and made a list of things. We finally decided on IVY. There is tons growing on our fence. We are all having fun in kindergarten!

This evening, Cheney got a special honor. He was selected as the Matador of the Month from his class. He was presented with his award at the PTC meeting. We are very proud that his teacher thinks he is a good example of what a MATADOR should be!!
This is Ms. Helms meeting Chandler. Cheney was very proud to show his little sister off!

Cheney on the stage with the other kindergarteners who were selected.

Ms. Helms with Reyna (the girl that was selected from Cheney's class) and Cheney. It is apparent that they both LOVE their teacher!!


We are proud of our Jefferson Matador!!


Tammy said...

Yes, way to go Cheney!

PS I enjoyed watching the volleyball game with you and your sister tonight!!! You're the funnest matador fans out there!

Kerry Weir said...

"I" is for "ice cream!"

Cheney, I hope your class celebrated the letter "I" with a big ice cream party! That sounds like a lot of fun to me! You made me smile with your clothes on inside out--wouldn't it be funny if we all wore our clothes that way? Congratulations on your award! Uncle Jeff and I are always very proud of you!

Gram said...

Congrats Cheney! Keep setting a GOOD example.