Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation Revisited Day #6

While the girls and Daddy slept late, the boys went on a fishing trip. They left the house BEFORE the sun was up...I am glad they were quiet cause it was EARLY!!

Even though it was early, they still looked excited to be going out on the boat.

Cheney was looking cool!


Unfortunately, they didn't catch any fish, but they saw beautiful sights!

While we were hanging out at the house, Mari was braiding the little girl's hair. She spoke very little English, but somehow she was able to get them to sit still while she worked.

Chandler looked like a big girl with her hair pulled back!!

After a leisurely afternoon, we headed into town for some shopping while Karina was cooking dinner. This is a Catholic church in the town of La Crucecita.

It is famous for it's elaborate murals painted on the ceiling. They were beautiful!!

We saw these coconut trees piled in the bed of this truck.

It was hot so we stopped for yummy ice cream. Chandler didn't care what the flavor was....she just wanted the pink one!!

Hanging out while we shopped.

Dean was so excited for me to get this picture. Chandler usually ignores him, but today she climbed into his lap!!

Ok, I am going to explain the next few pictures. There is a small mall that is air conditioned...of course, we ended our shopping trip there. While we were in there, a girl came up to Kylie & told her that there was going to be a circus performance in a little while. We stayed around & saw an interesting show...the group was from Argentina. There were 3 sisters & 1 brother...

This girl asked Dean to help her stretch...

The show was starting...

They were extremely talented & very strong. They are hanging from the ceiling with long material...like a curtain...no safety net...NOTHING BUT THE HARD GROUND BELOW!!

Then, they picked 4 strong guys to demonstrate some skills. Dean got picked. Here he is showing his talent...he had to sound like Tarzan...it was hilarious!!

Then, the strongest guys helped to demonstrate...

Chandler & Kylie really enjoyed each other...

At this point in the trip, we are all getting a little sad...we know we will be going home soon!!


MeMe said...

I am sure that no mall in the USA would let an acrobatic team like this one just perform from the rafters. It was really fun to watch. Since Dean's Spanish is limited, he had to ask directions more than once. Good sport!!

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Krystyn said...

That circus looks like fun! It's a shame the boys didn't catch any fish, but at least they had a good time.