Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ROAD TRIP!! Cascadas

Today, we had a BLAST!! We started out bright & early to head to the Cascadas (waterfalls) & take a tour of a coffee plantation. We had hired two brothers, Armando & Jorge to take us there. Armando told us the trip would take 1 1/2 hours...we didn't know the road would look like this most of the way!!

MeMe got a little worried a couple of times because there was very little road on either side of the suburbans. Kylie, Darla, & I could only concentrate on how bad we had to go to the bathroom. Everytime Kylie asked Armando how much farther? He would say 20 minutes!! She got so annoyed!!

As we drove, we passed many people walking on the road. I am glad that I don't have to walk with my children to get around.

We went around & around, then up & down...

2 hours later, we FINALLY made it!! This is the group picture-minus Billy-with our walking sticks getting ready to head into jungle. We really couldn't figure out why we needed the sticks until we were ready to go was downhill the whole way there...the trip back was uphill...the sticks came in handy!! Dean says we look like sheep herders!

Chandler & I as we set off.

After a while, Chandler got a ride from Jorge. He carried her into the jungle & out. She cracked me up...loved every minute of it!!

Going down, down, down...

The river was crystal clear...and very cold.

After about a 20 minute walk, we came to this BEAUTIFUL waterfall!!

Cheney had a great time swinging on the rope swing. He & Deano went on the swing a bunch!!

Even Mommy tried it-TWICE!! The water was sooo cold that it took your breath away when you hit.

Tarzan (Dean) & Jane (Terryn) had a turn on the swing.

Another Tarzan (Billy) & Jane (Chandler)

Going to another smaller fall

Mommy jumping off the rocks...

Chandler even tried it...

Pop has interesting form...sorta gorilla-like??

Chandler had so much fun with her Pop!!

Cheney & Mommy

After our Cascadas tour, we headed over to the coffee plantation for some lunch.

The coffee is stored in this room for up to two years.

Listening to the information about roasting coffee beans.

The roasters are old style.

We finally headed home...the trip was so fun, but it was EXHAUSTING...we had a 2 hour trip home. Billy took this picture of Mommy & Kylie. Everyone was asleep...until we hit a grande tope (bump)...which was about 3 times a minute.

So far, this was the best day of our trip. We saw things that we have never seen before & did things that we have never done before...


Kristen said...

What a wild and crazy day you all had!! And I have to say you are way more nature girl than me!

Although, it does look like tons of fun!

Thanks for sharing the pics!

Are you now planning days of r & r by the pool?

Krystyn said...

How beautiful! I can't believe all of the kids made that hike!

Thatcher's Mommy said...

So cool, the waterfalls! I noticed there were no pictures of MeMe diving in... was it too cold for her?

Looks like yall are having a marvelous time!

Jocelyn said...

I can't believe y'all were so brave about jumping in! What fun!

Gram said...

I'm with Thatcher's Mommy. Where is the picture of MeMe jumping off of the rocks, or even on the rope swing? Looks like you had a fun day. Kind of reminds me of our first family trip to Xcaret. It is neat that even Chandler had a Chandler size "staff".