Friday, August 24, 2007

Cheney Meets His Kindergarten Teacher

Oh my gosh! My baby is going to Kindergarten. Today, the elementary school had Meet The Teacher. Cheney is going to Jefferson Elementary and his teacher is Mrs. Helms. She was highly recommended by other parents and it was apparent that her kids LOVE her because they were all coming back to visit when we were there. Also, Cheney will have a student teacher from TLU working with his class. This made me feel even older because she is one of my former students at SHS!! Cheney had a great time visiting his new classroom-he did get a little embarrassed that I was the ONLY mom taking pictures!! Oh well, it won't be the last time I embarrass him-probably the first of many!

Cheney putting all his supplies in his cubby.

Cheney and his new friend, Sergio, listening to Mrs. Helms tell them about being in the Magical Munchkin room. She gave them some "Magic Dust" (glitter!) to sprinkle in their hair on Sunday night so they could get a good night sleep and come to school excited on Monday!

Check back after Monday to see pictures of the 1st day of KINDERGARTEN!


Tammy said...

You'll love school, Cheney! Just try not to get into as much trouble as I'm sure your dad did. And pretty soon, you'll get used to tuning out mom with the camera. Ask Heather!

Richard said...

Do I see Billy, oh no that is Cheney. He sure looks like his Daddy. I know you are all very proud. I can remember when his Pop when to his first Grade Class. That was a day. Great looking kid. Cheney will be teaching in no time just like his Mom and MeMe.

Anonymous said...