Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where is Chandler?

This summer, Cheney & Chandler have learned to play "Hide & Seek." The other day, we were over at MeMe's house. Chandler was playing in MeMe's bathroom and started hiding in the laundry hamper. I came in from working out and MeMe told me to "find" Chandler. These are the pictures of her hiding place. She did NOT want to get out!! I guess it was fun to hide out in the dark cabinet.

MeMe had to tie a sock onto the door handle so she didn't bang it into the wall.

Peek A Boo!

Close that door-I am NOT getting out!!


Tammy said...

These are precious!!! I love the pictures!

MeMe said...

Always something fun to do at MeMe and Pop's house. (But we do want to watch out for the walls. Don't bang and don't touch).


Gram said...

Those eyes look so much like your Mommy's. They are beautiful. But---where did you get kicking your feet like that? Hhmmmm.