Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Our Days in Paradise!! Don't be jealous!!

We are spending an awesome week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The weather has been beautiful. It is hot, but not humid so it is much more bearable than home. Chandler is enjoying having a porch to eat on-she insists on eating outside every day!! She has met a girl at the pool. Her name is Sophia and she is from Canada. Sophia is 22 months old and Chandler has taught her some new swimming techniques. Sophia is trying to teach Chandler how to share her toys. Cheney is having a great time. We had planned to go into town to eat breakfast this morning and spend some time on the public beach. It is protected and much more safe than the beach in front of out hotel. Unfortunately, we had to change our plans because Cheney got sick during the night. He is feeling much better now. Cheney, Billy, and Pop are a taking an ATV tour tomorrow. They are very excited!! Today, as we were laying by the pool, Mom commented "I could spend two weeks here." I agree!! When Saturday rolls around, we won't want to go home!!!

Chandler, MeMe, & Pop getting ready for take-off.

In DFW airport, everyone thought they were so cute in their matching outfits!!

Miss Hollywood-waiting to go through immigration

Still waiting...

Playing in a tree at the airport, waiting on the shuttle to get our rental car

Chandler's 1st taste of Mexican lemonade-it's different and soooo good!!

Playing around in the pool

Cheney is doing a lot of relaxing-we don't know where he learned this!!!!!

Miss Chandler is impressing everyone with her swimming skills!!

Playing around in the pool

Billy's scenery pictures: these are all from the view of our hotel room


Tammy said...

Yes, I'm jealous!!! It looks wonderful! I hope you're all having a great time and I hope Cheney continues to feel better.

Thatcher's Mommy said...

When I was on vacation, we were too busy to update our blog. You must be bored. :) Just kidding!! It looks like you're having a great time. I might get to go swimming with you NEXT WEEK!! (If Mommy lets me come down.) I miss yall! ~ Thatch

Gram said...

Looks beautiful! Enjoy what you have left of your vacation.

Grandpa said...

Why did Cheney wear his pajama's on the airplane?
Glad ya'll are enjoying the sun 'n surf. How's the shrimp this year?
See you soon.