Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We Love Granny Felscher

On August 11th, Granny (Billy's Grandmother on his mother's side) turned 90. On Sunday, she moved into an Assisted Living center. Today, I took the kids by to see her new place. Both kids loved walking in and saying hello to the other residents. Cheney shook several hands and was such a gentleman. He always makes me so proud! Chandler was a little more timid, but since she wants to do whatever her big brother does, she greeted most people with a smile. Granny enjoyed seeing the kids and seems to be adjusting to her move.

Cheney was named after his daddy, William Cheney. Billy was named after his Papa, Walter Cheney. I wish that Cheney had been able to know Papa. I think he would have learned so much from him. Papa would have enjoyed Cheney's goofy sense of humor.
Chandler Grace was named after Granny, Grace Felscher. Chandler enjoys visiting Granny because she gets to take home whatever she is playing with!

When we were leaving today, Chandler took home a magnet from Granny's refrigerator. She had been playing with it the entire time we were there. I told Granny that she didn't need it and should leave it there so she could play with it the next time she visited. BUT Granny insisted (like she always does!!) When we were leaving, Cheney told me "Granny loves us so much. She would do anything to make us happy. That is why she wanted Chandler to take the magnet home, Mom." Cheney is so right! Granny does loves us so much and wants us all to be happy and love each other.

Granny, love you and thank you for loving us!!


Tammy said...

Lisa, this is a really sweet post!