Sunday, August 19, 2007

Visiting the Weir Family

The sad but true thing about families is that they never seem to have enough time to get together to visit with each other-until someone dies! Why do we have reunions at a funeral? I guess because we are all reminded of how important that family is to us when someone is gone. One of my dad's brothers died this week and we went to Colleyville, Texas for the memorial service. Even though it was a memorial service, we had a GREAT time visiting with one another. When we all left, we said "Come see us" or "We should get together more often." Maybe that will happen-I guess we will wait and see. Here are some pictures of different people-I know this is Cheney & Chandler's blog, but most of you will be interested in who these people are.

2nd cousins-Cheney, Justin, and Ethan. Justin and Ethan's Grandfather is my Uncle Tommy. Justin's mom is Ashley and Ethan's dad is Dan.

Chandler & Ethan

Justin & Cheney playing videogames. Isn't it funny how boys are drawn to each other when they have toys? These two boys "traded" games for the afternoon.

The surviving Weir siblings-Ron Weir, Larry Weir, Richard Weir, Nay Dell Rice, and Tommy Weir.

The cousins who attended-Dan (Tommy), Pam (Nay Dell), Lori (Ron), Debbie (Richard), Ashley (Tommy), Lisa (Larry), Rick (Elvis), Renee (Nay Dell)

The 2nd cousins who attended. The oldest there was 23 and the youngest was 18 months.

My cousin, Rick Weir, with my dad. These are Rick's two children, Austin and Amanda. I used to babysit them when I was in college!!!! I feel old!!!

The Weir Siblings with their spouses.


Gram said...

It has been a loooong time since I have seen the clan. Sorry for the circumstances, but I am glad you were able to catch up with each other. Nice looking groups.