Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Photos

Last weekend, the weather was beautiful so we decided to take some pictures of the kids for Christmas card pictures. My idea was to take them to Central Park to take pictures in front of the fountain. But it was really windy & there is some construction there. Daddy had an idea to take them to TLU....there are some cool sculptures there, but there was construction there too!! So we drove around the campus and found a few other places for pictures!
I think they turned out pretty cute!!



Cheney was just dying to ring the bell!!

This sculpture was fun to climb on!

Always being a boy!!

Does this look like trouble?

This would be my favorite if the sun wasn't so bright!!


Tammy said...

Yay Flickr is working for you!!! These are just too cute! The first one is my favorite, and the "trouble" one of Chandler cracks me up! Watch out mama!

MeMe said...

Merry Christmas--can't wait to see your cards.

Kristen said...

Yes, the one with Chandler as trouble is totally cute! :)

You have a bunch of great shots to choose from. Great pics!!

Gram said...

How can the pictures be anything but cute when the subjects are so cute? You got some really nice pictures to use on cards this year.

Krystyn said...

Adorable! That first one is my favorite.

Kouper Shane Kneupper said...

Very cute pics! Well what do you expect when you start with cute kids, right?