Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Pop

Today is Pop's birthday!! WE LOVE YOU POP!!

Chandler has Pop wrapped around her finger....he spoils her!!

Cheney loves to help Pop do "work."

Gettin' some lovin'

We ate dinner at MeMe & Pop's house last night after church. Chandler & Cheney showed Pop the card they made him.

We will go to dinner tonight so I am sure we will have more pictures!!


Tammy said...

Happy Birthday, Pop! Hope everyone is feeling well soon!!!

Krystyn said...

Happy b-day, Pop!

MeMe said...

Unfortunately, Pop came home sick from work this morning. For those of you who know him--he must really feel bad--or his men can't stand to have him around. Cheney had to be sent home from school before 10:00 this morning--so needless to say, we are NOT going to dinner tonight. Maybe another time soon. The good thing is that Cheney and Pop got to spend the day together--can you say 1000 piece puzzle???