Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pop's Birthday Dinner

We were supposed to go out to dinner last night, but Pop & Cheney both were sick so we had to postpone it until tonight. They are feeling much better!! We headed over to Carino's this evening.....YUMMY!!

Pop with his FAVORITE grandkids!!

Eating bread......this is his favorite part!

Loves bread just like her Mommy!

Daddy & Cheney

Cheney & Mommy

Cheney went his 1st DI meeting today. When the coach asked what he was good at, he said "I am good at comedy!" It was hilarious!! This is his comedy tonight!!
We are glad you both are feeling better!!


Tammy said...

Glad everyone's feeling so much better! Gotta love that last photo!!!

MeMe said...

Never a dull moment when Cheney and Chandler are around.

Jessica said...

I'm super glad that you're great at comedy, Cheney! That's an awesome thing to be good at! :)

Carino's is definitely one of my favorites!! Yummy...

Gram said...

It really looks like everyone is feeling better. AND crazier!