Friday, November 21, 2008

Fastest Boy

Today was the 2nd Annual Turkey Trot!! For the past week, Cheney has been telling us that he probably won't do as good as last year. Last year, he got 2nd place. This year, he even tried to get his Daddy to write a note saying that he couldn't run because his leg hurt!!

Well, Daddy got a phone call that he needed to come to the school because Cheney was the fastest boy in the 1st grade!! WOO HOO!!

He told me this evening that this was the BEST DAY OF HIS LIFE!! YAY!!

We are so proud of him!! Not only is he extremely motivated to give 100% at playing, he is reading non-stop!! Every night, he reads at least one chapter of his book--ALL BY HIMSELF!! Daddy said that he was sure glad that he likes reading as much as his Mommy!! I told him that reading makes you smarter!!



Me!! said...

Way to Go Cheney what are you gonna do with that Turkey.

Katie was the 6th fastest in Kindergarten. Not bad for a girl but not as fast as you.

Mr. Bill<><

Thatcher's Mommy said...

YEAH CHENEY!!! How exciting.

Tammy said...

Go Cheney! And keep up with the reading! Great job!

Jessica said...

That's pretty exciting!

MeMe said...

So, what is the prize?? I heard it was a large FROZEN turkey!! Guess I know what you will be eating for a while. Pop and I are so proud of all of your great work at school--go ahead--be brave--color every Wednesday yellow. We love you.

Kristen said...

That is AWESOME!!!

Way to go Cheney is right!! And yes, reading does make you smarter, in my opinion too.

He is lucky to have such a fabulous Mama!! :)

Gram said...

Yahoo! Cheney! Way to go! Running fast is great, but enjoying reading is even better. I know you are a great reader, because I have heard you read. I am impressed!