Friday, April 10, 2009

Sick Day With Daddy

So, if you haven't heard.....our house has been sick!! Both kids got sent home from school on Wednesday with high fevers. We took them to the Dr. & got some medicine. The doctor declared that they needed to stay home until Monday. Luckily, our Daddy is the coolest & he was able to stay home with them.

They spent much of their day on the couch, watching movies!


But our cool Daddy was able to get them to color Easter eggs!!

Watching the eggs boil

They are ready for color

Getting ready to color the eggs

Very pretty


Adding the decorations

Of course, Chandler loves anything CRAFTY!!

Thanks for being such a cool Daddy & helping us color eggs!! Now, we have to have make sure the Easter Bunny gets them so he can hide them!!


MeMe said...

What a cool Daddy you have. I never got to deo things like that when I stayed home from school sick. Hope you are better soon.plweir@

Tammy said...

I agree with MeMe...way cool daddy! I didn't get to do fun stuff if I stayed home either. Get well soon!!

Gram said...

What a great way to pass the time of day when you are in sick bay! The eggs are beautiful!