Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet The Teacher

We had "Meet The Teacher" tonight. Cheney was semi-excited....only because if he starts school tomorrow he is one day closer to summer vacation!! Silly boy!! He will have two teachers this year plus his GT teacher. I think it will be a great year!!
Ms. Ball will be his homeroom, Language Arts, & Social Studies teacher. I think he will really like her.

Ms. Brothers will be his Math & Science teacher. Ms. Brothers taught Uncle Jeff when he was in elementary school. She said "Hello, Uncle Jeff!"

Sadly, after "Meet The Teacher," we had to get the mohawk caught off....until next summer!!


MeMe said...

I know Mrs. Ball will LOVE Cheney. It is awesome that Mrs. Brothers remembers Uncle Jeff (hopefully good memories). Have a great year Big Guy!!!

Grandma said...

Cheney it looks like you have some great teachers. Are you going to be the best in your classes? I bet you can beat out all those little girls. I am counting on you.