Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Karson's Steer

Karson is Cheney & Chandler's cousin. He is 9 months older than Cheney. This past weekend, he showed a steer for the 1st time ever in the county fair. He did pretty well for his 1st time--he got 5th place in his class.
Karson is on the right. The boy on the far left is Kolton. He is Karson's other cousin. The man in the maroon shirt is looking the steers over very carefully.

Karson had a big fan club there to watch him!!

Karson is trying to get his steer, Volcano, to line up his legs just right.

Trying to lead his steer in a turn....the steer weighs over 800 lbs. now.

Getting him going....GOOD JOB KARSON!!


MeMe said...

Glad you could be there to share this fun time with Karson.

Grandma said...

Glad you all had fun at the fair.