Monday, November 29, 2010

Stephenson Family Thanksgiving

It is always fun to hang out with the Stephenson family. Mainly because there are tons of kids to hang out with....with the Cloughly family, C & C are frequently the only kids--unless you count Travis & Uncle Mitch. HAHA!!

There are 9 great grandkids in the Stephenson family--5 girls and 4 boys.
Riley, Chandler, & Madison created a girls only table....they are missing two girls from this group though: Konni & Lily!!

Cheney, Kase, & Karson--Hunter was sitting with the older people so he is missing from the Stephenson great-grandboy picture.

It sure is fun to have cousins to play with!!


MeMe said...

Having cousins around is a blessing. C&C are so fortunate to know so many in their family. Makes for fun memories.

Grandma said...

Glad you have some cousins around to play with. Maybe Christmas time will bring more cousins in to town and you can have fun with them. Cheney, you will be the oldest on the Cloughly side for a while, but they all grow up so fast.

Mr Lonely said...

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Jessica said...

Aw! An even spread of boys and girls - how sweet!

Anonymous said...

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