Saturday, October 1, 2011

Orange Belt

Cheney is really enjoying karate. This week, he tested for his orange was fun to watch but I was very nervous.


He had to show off his Form #1, #2, and #3 skills.


And he had to try to break the board....after 3 tries, he did it!!


Kyo Sa Nim Jon presenting Cheney with his new orange belt.


Showing respect


This is great new adventure for Cheney. I expect more things to come!!


MeMe said...

It is so fun to watch this sport. The ideals, respect, and work ethic that Jon is teaching his students is wonderful--now the students need to translate them into the rest of their lives.
I am so proud of Cheney.
He had broken several boards at home--his hand was sore and he had an audience--that is why it took him 3 tries.