Friday, November 25, 2011

Karate Tournament

Cheney recently started taking karate lessons. He LOVES it. Recently, he competed in his 1st tournament. He did a great job.


The first event was individual forms. You have to really concentrate to get the form correct.


After forms, each student competed in sparring. Cheney had to spar against his own teammates--this was hard.


Cheney received 3rd place in forms & 2nd in sparring.


After individual competition, Cheney competed in team forms. He was selected to represent the Seguin school with 3 other students. They did their form blindfolded. It was amazing to watch!


Their team received 2nd place in forms! GOOD JOB!!


MeMe said...

Never thought I would enjoy watching karate. But this is a great sport. I love the discipline that it takes to be successful. So glad you like it.

Kouper Shane said...

Very cool.