Saturday, April 28, 2012

Karate Competition

Today, Cheney competed with

 his karate school in a tournament in New Braunfels.  


These are the students from his school.....the school is really growing & it is exciting to watch.


These are Cheney's good friends at karate.  They always have a great time together & it is fun to watch them learn together.


Getting ready to show his form to the judges.


Cheney's form today was so good that it gave me goosebumps to watch.  He is always so intense but today it was extra intense.  I was so impressed!!


His performance today earned him a 1st place in forms.....we were so proud.  


After forms, they compete in sparring.  This group was really intense & after the 1st round there was a 3 way tie between 3 students from the Seguin school.  That is amazing!!  


After several tie breaking matches, Cheney received 3rd place. SEGUIN swept this group in sparring!!  Good job!!


MeMe said...

Cheney, I enjoy learning about this sport that you love so much. You make it look soooooo easy. Your forms are so fluid, you make it look easy!