Friday, February 1, 2008

Senior Night With The Lady Mats

Tonight was Senior Night for the Lady Mat Basketball Team. One of the players, Burgundy, asked me to walk onto the court with her. Nobody in her family could guarantee that they would be there so I was honored to stand with her. Her cousin, Monnarae, is on the team so she walked with us. Of course, Chandler wanted to be included with the girls! Burgundy had to have ACL surgery on her knee during Christmas so she hasn't been able to play for most of her senior year.

Monnarae, Burgundy, Me, Chandler, & Coach Lewis-he is the head coach.

You have read about Chandler's friend and Coach Lewis' daughter, Nyla. Here are the two girls during the National Anthem. Aren't they cute?


Tammy said...

Yes, they are adorable!

MeMe said...

Glad Chandler wants to be around girls who are active in school activities. Of course it helps that her Mom and Dad make sure she goes to school activities and meets the girls.
I am so proud of the way she understands that when the flag is out, or she hears the National Anthem, she puts her hand over her heart--more than I can say for a lot of adults. Everyone should see her when she and Pop go outside to raise or lower his flag. From our children....
Love, MeMe

Gram said...

Good going Ashtyn! You know what to do when we sing the National Anthem.