Monday, June 29, 2009

Camping-Part #1

We had such a great time camping. The kids think it is great to be able to jump on their bikes & ride around. They make friends & love it.
Chandler loves doing silly things when you are taking pictures.

They would love to just live in the trailer!!

The water was perfect! The current was moving but everyone could stand up. The kids had fun playing around.

Doing what we do best!!

Cheney & his Caddy. There is a mini-golf course there too.

Tammy & I really enjoyed visiting all weekend!!

Roasting marshmellows is always fun!!


Tammy said...

Ok--I had so much fun I am ready to go back and do it again! Now THAT was relaxing! Maybe not so much for the men who worked so hard so we could relax but I think they enjoyed themselves just as much!

Krystyn said...

Oh, you sure to make me miss tubing.

MeMe said...

Great memories for the kids. What fun to run around in swimsuits.

Grandma said...

Looks like you had plenty of fun. I had fun also at the family reunion. Had a good crowd.

Gram said...

It is fun just hanging out with good friends!