Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Another Sandy Saturday

Last Saturday, we woke up at the beach. After our awesome Daddy cooked us a yummy breakfast, we packed up the sand toys & headed to the beach. The weather was absolutely beautiful!!
Playing in the sand....

Can you go to the beach & not bury someone in the sand??

More playing in the sand....

After the we sufficiently sun-kissed & sandy, we headed into town to go on a dolphin watching tour. We enjoyed watching the marina while we waited on the boat.

No trip is complete without a visit to the CRAZY CAJUN.....the restaurant with no manners as Cheney liked to call it. He had a blast eating shrimp & crab legs.....Chandler was afraid the shrimp was "gonna get her."


MeMe said...

Crazy Cajun--now that sounds good.

Krystyn said...

Hey hot mama...stop posting pictures of are making me jealous!!!

jahnsgang said...

You are so right you can not go to the coast and not go to the Crazy cajun.