Saturday, September 26, 2009

Homecoming Fun with Friends!!

Last night was Homecoming...sadly, the Matadors lost.
The best thing about Mommy working at the high school is that all of her students LOVE Cheney & Chandler. Mommy helps with the Flag Runners so we get to be on the track from time to time. It is so cool for C & C!!
Ansley loves Cheney & Chandler.....she comes over to babysit sometimes. Ansley was in Mommy's class when she was a sophomore. She will graduate this year. We will miss her!!

Madison has been over to babysit too. She is so much fun because she plays with C & C a lot....that makes her a fabulous babysitter!!

Jonathan is the BEST flag runner.....he ran the entire Homecoming parade route on Thursday night....carrying a flag. Cheney thinks he is cool!! Jonathan let Cheney stand by him during the school song last night.


Tammy said...

Your kiddos are certainly loved by all! :0)

The Trost's said...

Hey Lisa - I linked your blog from mine. Is that okay?

MeMe said...

Future Matadors!!

Anonymous said...

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Gram said...

Boy, you make a lot of kids in Seguin jealous! Some have never been able to be on the field. Yep, I agree with Tammy, "you are certainly loved by all"

Anonymous said...

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