Saturday, September 12, 2009

Matador Cheerleader!

MeMe finished Chandler's cheerleader uniform this week. She wore it to school on Friday & was the hit of preschool!!
It rained the entire way to the game & when we first got there. Mommy rode the bus with the flag runners so I was dressed for rain. By the time Chandler got there, the rain had stopped!!

Who says she doesn't pay attention to the people around her??

Practicing her pyramid building skills!!

I really started cracking up when she was working on her head pop....IT.WAS.HILARIOUS!! This is gonna be fun!!


Tammy said...

She was sure a cutie! Good job on the outfit Meme!

John Deere Mom said...

Aw, I love it! So adorable!

MeMe said...

Oh my goodness, Chandler. You are certainly growing up before my very eyes. I am happy you have that Matador spirit at such an early age. Gotta love her poses.

Kristin Kneupper said...

She is the cutest cheerleader I've ever seen!! :) She's gonna be good too!

Anonymous said...

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Krystyn said...

What a cute outfit and a cute girl in it.

Gram said...

Chandler, MeMe did a great job on your cheerleading outfit! You make a beautiful cheerleader.